Support Ms. Gill's Project!

Support Ms. Gill's Project!
Posted on 07/20/2018
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The Case of the Missing Classroom Chairs

My students need additional comfortable, movement based seating options in order to remain engaged in their learning.

My Students
My students love learning. They work with one another to ask questions, solve problems, and most importantly, support one another. They are active, and love to be engaged in what they are learning. They continue to teach me and motivate me to understand each of their own unique learning styles.

My students need alternative seating options that accommodate an active, connected, focused mindset in the classroom.

In my role, I often tell my students that if I've done my job well, they won't need me anymore. I tell them that it's okay to not need me anymore, because it means that they have learned how to succeed to the best of their ability independently. Part of the success that my students experience involves creating a classroom environment that provides safety, comfort, and movement in order to accommodate a variety of student learning needs.

My students show their best strengths and independence through learning in motion. Providing alternative seating options would allow each student a learning space as individualized as they are. Setting up this classroom would allow all of us to learn in our own unique ways at the start of a new school year.

My Project
Flexible seating options such as comfortable chairs and tall wobble seats will create a comfortable, focused classroom that will allow students to compose their strongest work while granting them increased independence during small group and independent work time.

My students would greatly benefit from flexible, non-standardized seating options that accommodate a variety of their own individualized learning styles.

Throughout the past school year, our classroom often fell short on seating options for students. This occurred so often that we would often have to take turns using chairs from other classrooms.

Alternative seating options would add additional space to our small classroom, and will ease transitional times when moving groups and academic activities. It would allow our classroom to remain filled with these supplies, and end the case of the missing classroom chairs!

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