About Us

At Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Middle, we focus on our students achieving academic excellence, promoting good character, and guaranteeing small class sizes. Our school prepares students to become well rounded, life-long learners and productive members of society.

When you enroll your child at Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Middle, our child will be enrolled in classes where they are instructed by dedicated, state-licensed teachers who utilize new textbooks, Common Core, current technology, and teaching methods that integrate differentiation instruction to meet all learners’ needs. In addition, we offer many after school activities that are educationally, athletically, and service based.

Our school offers parents a real opportunity where they can be involved in the education of their child by creating a learning community where teachers, parents, and students work together to ensure academic and character excellence for all students.

Constellation Schools are privately run, tuition free and proud leaders of Ohio’s charter schools, offering a choice in education for thousands of Ohio’s families. Constellation Schools: Westpark Community Middle's vision is for our students to become self-confident responsible members of our community.

Feel free to contact our middle school office at 216-251-7200 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour.